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Why would a lovely fresh Asian hottie like this get herself mixed up in the torturous world of BDSM? It’s because she doesn’t get a choice, as far as this blonde dominatrix is concerned! And her slender teen body is perfect for all kinds of torture, as she places clothespegs all over her hips, tits and even her tongue. That’ll stop her from crying. And just to make it worse, the mistress slaps her and the clamps with her riding crop.

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Could this night get any sweeter between these two? The mood is set properly for a passionate evening, and Chrissy and Apri are together on the couch, admiring each other’s perfect female bodies from head to toe. They make use of the space by spreading their legs and having their snatches eaten, even as one turns upside down to do it! That’s because they desperately wanted to please each other, and from the sounds of it, they surely did!

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